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She also appeared at the inaugural Shimmer Women Athletes shows.

In 2004, she began working for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), and signed a developmental contract with WWE in October 2005.

” Phoenix was then interrupted by WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel, who said, “Maybe I can help you out here.” “How convenient, Tony Chimel,” she replied, smiling.

“I think we all know him as the 11-time WWE champion and a WWE Hall of Famer, the Rated R Suuuuuperstarrrrrrr, Edge!

” Edge’s music hit, and he received a standing ovation from the crowd.

As a result, she had numerous surgeries and returned to OVW for further training.“When you are in WWE, you dream of that moment (in the future) when you get to reflect on your career and the things that you did and you get that wonderful individual honor,” Phoenix told in an exclusive interview.“It seemed so far off in the distance for me (when I was wrestling).She went to provide examples of humorous troubles that only a wrestling couple faces before thanking Copeland for his “unwavering belief in what I want to do.” Edge and Beth Phoenix are the only married couple to both be in the WWE Hall of Fame.WWE’s women division courted controversy yesterday amid rumours they had soured on one of their top stars Becky Lynch because of her Dublin accent.Former champ Paige has also been causing controversy over her relationship with Mexican wrestler Alberto Del Rio and a suspension for breaching the company’s wellness policy.


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