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And then there’s the Auckland airport bus to the city and then an Uber to Grey Lynn, and then I’m there.

I had stayed here before back in 2005, when my ties to Auckland were stronger, before my university friends had fully scattered themselves to the wind.

So I had another think, came up with an idea, and wrote it up, along with this letter. It might make a striking contrast between high art and low art?

I’ve started the piece already, though it’s not finished yet, and I’ve put the first draft below. The first thing about getting to the Surrey Hotel is that it’s in Auckland and I live in Wellington.

In the 2009 to 2010 fiscal year nearly 25,000 adults were sentenced to community work, with a minimum of 40 hours per offender required and a maximum of 100.

Figures from the 2014 to 2015 year showed that number had reduced to 16,704, totalling a loss of at least 321,560 hours since 2009.

Finally, we talk about the Globalization concepts (Internationalization, Localization, and Translation) in general, as well as how they apply to Java.

Both Ministry of Justice and Corrections Department figures show a decline in the number of offenders being given community work, and the number of hours being completed.

Characters and Encodings are the basic concepts, which every developer must know, no matter what.

Then we clear the myths around ASCII, and move to Unicode.

Since a character is platonic, it is usually referred to by its name. What we see however, is the visual representation of the character, called its glyph. For example, the abstract character ‘A’ can have, but not limited to the following glyphs (but all mean the same thing – the character ‘A’): (Figure: An abstract character in the Abstract Character Space maps to many glyphs in the Character Glyph Space) The Abstract Character Space is the set of all characters in this world.

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