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[The orgasmic level of no-scoping you want to work towards.]( Va Ue I) 1) If you want to get real, either get an Orsis or VSSK. 2) NEVER put tape on your monitor, you sad f, have some self-respect.

3) A lot of HC can help you find the centre of your screen.

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La Vie en rose comme dans les films | Christophe M. 9) GRIND GRIND GRIND, this is probably one of the most important things with no scoping. I mean one can put effort and learn this, but I see it as a great waste of time. Like dating, doing push-ups, drinking, or watching David O' Reilly's or Don Hertzfeldt's movies.*Originally posted by **[Dutch War Dog](/forums/2522/topics/768600? page=1#11267820)**:* I agree with this but with some addons/changes.He gets up, stands at the bus stop, goes to the store, calls his ex-girlfriend.He sleeps and dreams of a gigantic fish living on his head. He picks up pills at a clinic, visits doctors who speak of surgery and deliver vague, ominous prognoses.4) I used to go into an empty server, take spots on the wall in my mind and then try to hit them no-scoping to practice.


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    Ever wonder what a man really thinks during those early encounters with you?

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    Users indicate their like or dislike of a profile by swiping right or left respectively, and the profile in question is either permanently removed from the person’s archives, or matched for conversation and ideally, a real life meeting.