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With just weeks before their royal wedding, Paige and Edvard find their relationship and the Danish monarchy in jeopardy when an old law is brought to light, stating that an unmarried heir ...See full summary » King Edvard, to please Queen Paige, diverts their honeymoon to the fictional crown protectorate of Belavia.The episode will air during the second half of the show’s fourth season, which is slated to kick off in early 2015.Viondra Denninger, the spaceship captain’s wife in Syfy’s new futuristic miniseries, “Ascension,” is a handful — scheming, icy-blond and prone to bodacious butt cleavage. “In the first draft of the script, I put in a parenthetical next to Viondra’s character description that read, ‘Think Tricia Helfer,’ ” recalls Philip Levens, the show’s co-creator.As luck would have it, Helfer and Levens share a talent agency.A coffee date and an offer later, Viondra was Helfer’s to play.Single mother Ryan (Tricia Helfer) has just about given up on dating after her divorce, happily accepting her young son as the most important man in her life.

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The award-winning Showtime series, “Homeland,” returns for a sixth season Jan. This round of episodes focuses on the aftermath of the U. presidential election and the transition between election day and the inauguration for a female president-elect.

And what I consider fun is not jumping around for joy and having giggles, but something you can sink your teeth into.” After “Galactica” wrapped up in 2009, Helfer, 40, went on to guest star in a multitude of TV shows, often playing ass-kicking roles on either side of the law — most recently, she was a Texas Ranger in the short-lived “Killer Women.” “I like to think I’m a strong female myself, so I’m more drawn to that than to someone meek,” Helfer says.

“I grew up one of four daughters on a farm [in Donalda, Alberta], so I was driving tractors and fixing machinery.

Paige takes Eddie to her home for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Paparazzi find and photograph the couple, and Paige learns that Eddie is truly Crown Prince Edvard.


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