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Total accommodations include 5 ensuite owner / guest cabins accommodating 12 guests and 3 cabins with berths for 6 crew.The upper deck master has sweeping views and an adjacent private lounge.After a rugged career as a commercial fishing vessel working in and around the waters of New Zealand, Ren Rose (ex.Mutual Enterprise) was transformed in 2012 into a comfortable and spacious family-styled luxury expedition yacht.Europeans enjoy freedom of movement that allows them to travel and live in different countries.Young people take part in Erasmus programs to study abroad and to have new experiences.

If European countries used similar criteria to those used in the United States for determining economic cycles, the Great Recession in Britain would quite possibly not have been declared over in the first place.

People become closer to each other and many nationalities and origins live under one roof. Mag spoke to a bi-national couple who was ready to share its story and offers a piece of advice for others in cross-cultural relationships.

But what happens if two people from different countries and cultures fall in love? Tatiana and Alpin are a bi-national couple living in Berlin.

Liliia is a young but experienced journalist from a beautiful Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

Currently studying media science at the Humboldt University of Berlin, she has a background in philology and journalism.


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