Is donghae and eunhyuk dating

i haven't gone on tumblr in ages, but this comment makes me wonder - how does this person feel about fanfiction outside kpop community?

i think the earliest fanfiction i've read was harry potter, and i've dabbled in american tv shows and kdrama fanfiction as well but reading real-person slash always made me a bit iffy (i mean i joke about woobin and jongsuk secretly fucking each other but i obviously don't believe that for real), let alone write she put sexualizing fictional characters and real people on the same level?

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outside the fandom those jokes don't sound right having some random mc asking you about you relationship like you were a couple so awkward !

Hyukjae regrets it so much and is willing to do whatever it takes for the other to take him back. I had a really creepy dream about Super Junior and was inspired to write this fic. All he knows is that everything doesn't always work out. You are the new girl in school and your name is Mary Sue and your parents are wealthy and have put you in an arranged marriage with Lee Donghae, the son of another wealthy set of people. But Hyukjae felt and thought otherwise and started to treat Donghae differently, especially after they got married.

| AM EDT Nude photos of g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung have been leaked on the internet but unlike many celebrity scandals, there is no need to worry.

Like as far as we know, these two are straight, that is what they chose to identify with. No, not really, people are pretty much free to writer whatever they want.

But when you take what is meant for the fandom that is more of a inside thing, only the fandom will understand and bring it to the attention of whoever from whatever group, it can probably make them uncomfortable.


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