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Check out more from VH1’s month-long Keepin’ It Real reality TV package. Yes, the clock is ticking for host Julie Chen to, once again, utter her favorite word. Will past houseguests return or will there be a whole new cast brought into the fold for the fourth season straight?However, these two have been pretty coy about questions from fans regarding the status of their relationship.“Ni Corey” supporters are confident that the two are dating, but they have been hesitant to say that in exactly those words.Last season brought back a twist that was used in a past season.

Preferably, it’ll be Zach Rance:…or underwear model Cody Calafiore: While we wait for this summer’s eventual dick slip, here is a trip down cock shot lane with 10 former No actual porn and nothing too remarkable about this season 8 contestant, but if we’re judging on looks and overall hotness alone (and I am), Nick is far and away the #1 Hottest Big Brother Contestant With a Cock Shot.

However, they managed to reconnect and work through their issues, and now it’s been essentially full-steam ahead ever since.

“Zaulie” are facing a long-distance relationship at this point, as Calafiore is based in New Jersey and she lives in North Carolina. https://t.co/Ut60AX1anq Come and welcome home Queen Z!! pic.twitter.com/sxd L6PBRh A — Paul Calafiore (@Paulie C116) October 13, 2016 fans will have to see Paulie and Zakiyah together will be in North Carolina on October 22.

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