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wants to find out what challenges mixed race relationships face. Priti and KV live in Kenya and are planning their wedding for later this year.

They have been together for nearly nine years but Priti is Asian-Kenyan from a Sikh family while KV is a black Kenyan from the Kikuyu tribe.

The reality of inter-racial marriages, or how I would like to call them inter-cultural marriages is the challenges mainly arising from the difference in cultures.I have lived in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, and I do notice the cultural differences and not the skin colour or tone. After five years I can honestly say that I learned a lot about my husbands culture and give my respect to it. He had zero tolerance for my culture and didn't make any effort to find out about it.I have dated women from all the different cultures, and some I have cared for a lot, but I knew that in the long run it will never work. What religion (if you are from different religions)? Sometimes you have to let your brain take control of your heart, not the other way round. He built up his little "Nigeria" in Germany and isolated me.Use the form to send us your comments - some of which will be published below.If you would like to take part in the discussion, e-mail us with your telephone number, which will not be published.Blacks, cohabitants, and those with previous interracial dating experience were significantly more likely to express an openness to become involved in an interracial relationship.


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