Updating error receving

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Windows 10 was just officially released in the second half of 2015, and recently new update was released to make up flaws and fix bugs.

Microsoft works hard push the update to users by mandatory update, while this time it ended up with an error for lots of users.

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However, thousands of users reported on online forums or other social communities that the process of downloading the update failed, and here is the error message: "There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later.I am using npm v1.0.104/node 0.6.12 on ubuntu - I am receiving the error copied below while attempting to install any new modules via npm (I tested earlier using http, not https though & am wondering if that could have resulted in the issue with npm/unsigned certs). It seems that people are having issues using npm's recommendations, so here are some other potential solutions.The error pops up once npm tries to resolve the 'https://registry.npmjs.org' URL. Upgrade Node itself Receiving this error may suggest you have an older version of node, which naturally comes with an older version of npm. This is likely the best option as it brings you up to date and fixes existing bugs and vulnerabilities. Turning off SSL is BAD, and especially since the currently correct response is to update npm. Why are you even bothering using SSL if every time it does the one thing it's supposed to do you turn it off? @ali PLEASE change the ' Accepted answer' This issue is appearing because of an npm upgrade, and not an issue with SSL.Please check that you have reconfigured your mail client to use a secure connection.


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