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After it was in the open, I learned that there was a whole other world in my family, gatherings, that we weren't invited to...

For the first ten years, it was pretty standard fare. I wanted desperately, I tried everything and anything.

I really loved her, and wanted things to work at any cost. I just wanted to share something that gave me a good laugh this morning.

I couldn't understand why things weren't happening. Earlier this year, I made my decision to pursue an affair. I went down to the courthouse by myself just like everything else I usually do. It was posted in the "best of craigslist" section of craigslist.

This option has since morphed into an exit plan from my marriage, but either way, my goal is the same. To that end, not having been seen naked by another man for over twenty years (for the most part), I... When I eventually find that person for me, he will behold a whole person, not a broken one. I appeared in front of of judge with my attorney my H waived his right to answer which was a good thing. I thought somebody else here may find it funny, too.

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After a stunned moment, we both broke out laughing.

It is really, really well done, and anyone (even slightly) familiar with the world of chatrooms will be blown away by the realism.

The movie goes back and forth between "real life" (the outside world) and internet life (the conversations and chats of the protagonists, here represented into a physical reality, so as not to spend an hour and 46 minutes filming youth typing on a keyboard).

Milo Manara has worked with Neil Gaiman on both Breakthrough and The Sandman: Endless Nights.

Manara also has worked with other great creators such as Hugo Pratt on the titles Indian Summer and El Gaucho, as well as with the multi-talented Frederico Fellini.


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