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Many early human cultures were centred on possession of the horse.Superstition read meaning into the colours of the horse, and a horse’s head suspended near a grave or sanctuary or on the gables of a house conferred supernatural powers on the place.

In the Roman Empire, chariot and mounted horse racing were major industries, and from the mid-fifteenth century until 1882, spring carnival in Rome closed with a horse race.Source: FEI Horse riders are a special breed of people.They have an almost fanatical level of commitment to their chosen sport, spend far too much time agonizing over the intricacies of getting the perfect canter, and are seemingly always muddy and dirty.Archaeological records indicate that horse racing occurred in Ancient Greece, Babylon, Syria, and Egypt.It also plays an important part of myth and legend, such as the contest between the steeds of the god Odin and the giant Hrungnir in Norse mythology.Variations include restricting races to particular breeds, running over obstacles, running over different distances, running on different track surfaces and running in different gaits.


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