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The file lets you store one or more package configurations that can be used by one or more packages.

The easiest way to create an XML configuration file is to use the Package Configuration wizard after you’ve set up your package.

Package configuration files are a great way of providing the values of SSIS package properties so that packages can be used in a far more versatile way.

They make the deployment of SSIS packages easier and can provide parameters that are based on the server configuration, or which change for each runtime.

The following can take a XML_TEXT_NODE node and return the contents in an array.

Yanick's contribution rocks - butit overwrote with duplicates only keeping the last linein the returned array.

They're easy to understand, especially when explained by Rob Sheldon.

When you develop a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package, you can add package configurations in order to provide property values to the package at runtime.

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5) I am trying to use this XML feature in install shield because i wrote a console C# application that updates the xml file but a console windows flashes up upon install. I am calling this console app with another app that call it like this: Process Start Info ps = new Process Start Info("C1Lic Updater_Add In.exe", join); ps.

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Add In" and associate it with a feature and set it's install location. 2) I go to the "XML File Changes" tab and do a full import of the xml file. Steps: In the Install Designer for XML File Changes...1.

I set the location of the xml file to the same location as the file I am installing Here is all that's in the xml file: 3) I only need to update the Assembly node so I go to the assembly node and select the Advanced tab and set the elements contents to be [INSTALLDIR]bin\C1Lic Wait For Exit(); If anybody has any thoughts or suggestions on either one of these please let me know.


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