Auto updating web page

refresh this is not responsible for the content of external sites, nor is it responsible for the URL's users decide to auto refresh.

or even just to tell us how you find this free auto refresh service useful then please post it on our Facebook page we would love to hear from you!

To test it, just save something different (or in keeping with our example, your ever-changing favourite number) in and wait 10 seconds to see it change (or just change 10000 in the set Interval to 1000 to make it update every second!

) Obviously at the moment it’s still grabbing a static number from a text document, this can of course be changed to a simple PHP file that calculates any kind of function that outputs a value.

Thanks in advance - Hyflex EDIT: You will have to replace the path to the one of your page. It is a bit of a hack approach but if you are still using Meta Refresh - it is light years better. The script for j Query library is just pulling from Google repository.

I tried tweaking that for my needs but it doesn't work correctly :/ See my original post.

With Server-Sent requests, you can stream data from your server, with updates pushed from there without the code at client side having to keep requesting it.

Once your page initiates the Server-Sent event, the server script can continue sending updates.

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However, again this throws up more problems with it not refreshing (if I remove the meta tags) and my original webpage height varies depending on how much data is on the page.

Your Java Script code can write this new data into the page whenever it receives it.

Create your HTML5 page as follows: You can put any content you like in your element, as long as it has an ID attribute so that you can identify it in your script.

Also I should mention my html table is rather large, for example if I set the update to 1000 (1 second) it lags the browser up pretty bad.

As the table size is so big is it possible to cycle through each table block and update ones what are different?


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