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I’ve been wanting to blog about this topic, but I’m not an expert on it. Megan holds a Ph D from Marquette University, is a two-time graduate of Gordon-Conwell with degrees in theology and biblical languages, and has taught theology at both Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Gordon College (she also has a blog, you can find here).

I’m appreciative to have her here on the blog for the following interview:…BLC: I frequently hear people quote Jesus as saying “from the beginning God made male and female” in gender discussions, but are the distinctions of male and female really the only two sexes God makes? De Franza: The creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 and the narrative of the fall into sin in chapter 3 offer the foundational theological narrative for Jews and Christians.

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The phrase works like a trump card to win a theological discussion on anything from LGBTQ issues to how Target should organize their toys.

However, each time I hear someone say “God made male and female” as if that’s , the question that comes to my mind each time is: “What about those whose bodies are intersex?

A declaration that the petitioner and other intersexuals have been deprived of their Constitutional right of freedom of movement as enshrined in section 81 of the Constitution of Kenya since intersexuals are not provided for in statutory forms like PP2 which one is required to fill as a passport application form nor given the facilities that are required for the purposes of obtaining a Kenyan passport or for enjoyment of the right of free movement in and out of Kenya.Gradually, the word spread: between the sheets, Wallis Simpson was in fact a femme fatale with legendary talents.She had, according to one speculative study, ‘the ability to make a matchstick feel like a cigar’.Respondent has failed to introduce legislation setting out procedure, rules and regulations for dealing with intersexuals, to regulate and or monitor the intersexuals so as to ensure that they get a statutory guarantee against discrimination, arbitrary and or unnecessary corrective surgeries.Respondent has failed and or neglected to provide for human rights based treatment of the petitioner and intersexuals and informed consents before operating, and in particular the so called corrective surgeries which have resulted in permanent injuries and or scars on the intersexuals.There are many creations which are simply not named in the creation accounts.


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