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Locally, this number seems to be much higher and is often the platform for direct messaging and cyber bullying.

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Follow @vsatech Tweet I want to have a group video chat and was looking into whether or not Face Time supports that feature yet.

Skype has grown considerably in the past year, according to a recent report on Giga OM, and one of its growth strategies is to sign up small to medium sized businesses that rely more and more on video chat for collaboration and customer relationships. I mean, if it’s “face time” that businesses want, maybe Apple’s product — or one of the other mobile video chat applications out there like Fring and Qik — is the way to go.

The i Pod Touch is a great device that can be used to help ease children into smartphone ownership.

It has the same touch based interface and operating system as the i Phone, but without the ability to access data anywhere, and as a result the i Pod Touch has less of the headaches associated with smartphone ownership.

I liked the Touch so much that I bought two of them, one for each of my boys; they really like them and it helped cure their itch for a smartphone.


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