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Hunter, who is on the autism spectrum himself, wanted to highlight the issue, however, Trump and his wife Melania threatened to sue Hunter claiming the youngster is not autistic.

Scroll down for video I’m honestly kinda scared right now.

Many anti-vaccine advocates feel that vaccines are dangerous and don’t even work.

But that hasn’t been my experience, nor is it my understanding based on all available research. Overall, the medical community feels that the disease protection benefit, both for the individual and for society as a whole, outweighs the risk of side effects.

I’d be really sad if I’ve made the situation worse, but I never could’ve imagined that the video would get so much press.'I was just sending it privately to people who were bullying him to explain to them that Barron might be autistic, and that’s it isn’t okay to bully him for it, because I know what it’s like to be bullied for being autistic.By Kim Rossi Stagliano When I was 21, I had graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics cum laude. I landed an internship and full time job with Boston's top ad agency at the time, Hill Holliday. I lived in Newton Corner Massachusetts and rode the 304 bus to Back Bay every day. Below is the bus Mia takes to her "job", after graduating from her extended special education schooling in our town. At (or near) the top of the list of suspects in the minds of many parents are vaccines.I know that’s a bold statement to make on an autism website.This article originally appeared in Family Therapy Magazine in May/June 2008 Family life is all about relationships and communication: relationships between two people in love, parents and children, siblings, extended family members.


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