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I count myself one of the lucky ones, however, who had good experiences at my school.

I was at an American school with a good reputation that it deserved.

Working overseas, particularly to an attractive job destination like Kuwait, is a great idea for young job seekers who seek to explore lucrative career opportunities.

However, it is vital that you know what is in the store for you in a foreign location.

In everyday life, however, English is not as prevalent.

While most Kuwaitis know at least some English words, having basic Arabic skills can be very helpful for expats.

The National Museum of Kuwait, which once housed a comprehensive collection of Islamic art, was looted and set ablaze; only a small portion of the building has been renovated and reopened to the public.

The loss increased the importance of the Tareq Rajab Museum (Matḥaf Ṭāriq), a private collection that features paintings, pottery, metalwork, jewelry, and musical instruments, among other items.

Hence, learning a few important words and phrases in Arabic will allow you to interact with the locals easily. Work Permit All expats (except the nationals of GCC states) are required to obtain a valid work permit before working in Kuwait.It was run by an administration that cared for its teachers, held us to high standards, ran a clean ship, didn’t allow itself to be bullied by overbearing parents trying to use their “wasta,” and would stand up for its teachers when problems with Kuwaiti parents and children with powerful last names invariably arose.If you Google American, British, or English private schools in Kuwait, about twenty-five schools will pop up.The following post throws light on various aspects that you would require to know as an expatriate in Kuwait: Language Arabic is the official language of the country.However, English is widely spoken and also used for business purposes in all industries." go to Kuwait you will be exposed to a myriad of things that may upset you and you have no power to change or help.


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