Hagstrom bass guitar dating

A story of evolution which takes us from vinyl to those stupendous translucent wet layer finishes - The hardware changed a bit too!It really all started with the PB24G or Hagstrom 1, a model with traces of the P46 and Standard models In USA it started off as a "KENT" brand, in the UK "FUTURAMA" by Selmer Staying in the style of the two models shown above from the Hagstrom UK collection for many batches, then changing style with the change from Single Coil to Humbucking PU's (The Fab HIIN) Then finally before bringing things to a close, there was the Partner.

Featuring an eye-catching flame maple top, 2 Hagstrom Custom '58 humbuckers and an innovative construction for faster playing, this axe will satisfy any shredder who has a need for speed.

Played some Shadows stuff last evening, everything worked! Only thing missing is the knob at bottom for the strap. Recording Studios, and guitars for sale (no hags though! There was quite a waiting list gathering pace, and Selmer had to make do with whatever Hagstrm would let them have! I'd stake some on this being the Bowie Kent model, with a Hagstrom branded neck! for example this Black Beauty H12 Hmmm - must try a 12 solid I thought... Its nice to know there are many Hagstrom fans out there as for many years I though I was alone.

When Freidrich Gretsch began making drums, banjos and tambourines in the late 1800's, there was no way of telling how renowned his name would become in the grand scheme of popular music.

We're always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally. Every guitarist deserves to hone their skills on an instrument that was built with a love and passion for the music it will be used to create, and it's for this reason Hagstrom electric guitars are continuously praised around the globe.

Email us and we'll pass along your request to the manufacturer. Since 1958, Hagstrom has been inspiring strummers and pluckers to greatness with meticulously crafted electric guitars... Whether you're a rockabilly enthusiast who's looking for the perfect semi-hollow electric, or a head-banging hard rocker who craves sustain and attack, Hagstrom offers an extensive range of guitars and accessories to choose from.


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